Gallbladder Surgery and Inguinal Hernia Surgery

At Laparoscopic Solutions we are dedicated to providing first class surgical treatment for patients without health insurance and to those whose insurance company is not willing to cover their procedure, as well as those who simply want to skip all the hassle of the authorization process.

Our goal is to help patients who have had trouble finding the care they need in their city or country. Or they are simply looking for a better option moneywise with the same quality of care. Our state of the art facilities, professional staff and modern technology enables us to deliver American health care standards at Mexican prices.

Dr Rosales has performed thousands of laparoscopic general surgery procedures over the last 7 years. His main focus now is:

American health care standards at Mexican prices

As well as top-notch medical care, you get financial peace of mind when you choose us because here at LaparoscopicSolutions we have a fixed price policy. This means you know the total cost in advance.

You will suffer no financial aftershocks because we commit to a fixed price. And there are no hidden fees.

Ground transportation is provided for you, also at no extra cost.

Patient well being and excellent outcomes at an affordable cost -- that is the primary focus of the Laparoscopic Solutions staff. In order to achieve this, the care provided (and our bedside manners) will be the best you could ask for yourself or your family member.

If you want to learn why these procedures are more affordable with us, even though the medical supplies and technology used are the same as used in the USA, please read Why Us?


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