Will I need to do a preoperative diet and why?

Only if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is very high. Since the liver covers the stomach and the area to be worked on, dieting for a few days on the preoperative phase will help you and us by reducing liver size, therefore making the surgery easier to be performed and this will lead to a faster postoperative recovery.

Will I need to do a postoperative diet and why?

Yes, just for a few days, and varies depending on the patients’ adapting capacity to the procedure. The reason is mainly to let the body get used to the intentional anatomical change done during surgery.

Will my life change after the procedure?

No, the only difference is that you will get rid of expensive antacid medications and those annoying symptoms.

If I have GERD but no hiatal hernia will a mesh be placed?


Is it mandatory to place a mesh to repair my hiatal hernia?

Almost always, since it reduces the risk of recurrence considerably.

What is the expected hospital stay after surgery?

You will be discharged the next morning or 48 hours maximum, after surgery, depends on the case.

Is there a risk of recurrence?

Yes, but as mentioned, with the mesh placement it is importantly reduced.

Is there a risk of dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)?

Yes, but it is transient until your body adapts to the new position of the upper part of the stomach, and if dysphagia continues, can be addressed easily.

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