How many incisions are necessary for the laparoscopic Incisional Hernia Repair?

Only two 5 mm incisions and one 10 mm incision.

Is it mandatory to place a mesh to repair my incisional hernia?

No, this will depend on the size of your hernia, if it’s smaller than 1 inch, can be repaired using only sutures.

If I need the mesh, will I have an adverse reaction to its presence?

Meshes are made and placed actually expecting a reaction from the body to it, the clue here is the type of mesh used to have an adequate reaction and depends on the case, Dr. Rosales will decide the best material depending on what is best for you.

Will this mesh need to be removed on the future?

No, can stay in your body for life, and it actually “integrates” with your own tissues.

What is the expected hospital stay after surgery?

You will be discharged the next morning or 48 hours maximum, after surgery, depends on the case.

s there a risk of recurrence?

Yes, but with the mesh placement, it is reduced under 10%. Without mesh, the risk of recurrence can be up to 50%.

Will I feel the mesh in my abdomen or will it be noticeable?


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