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The hospital where our surgical team performs the procedures is located on the Eagle Pass Texas/Piedras Negras Mexico border, less than 1 mile from the border. This hospital is considered the best in the region. The equipment in the operating room is brand new and state-of-art technology is a common practice for our team. Our experience and equipment far surpasses the standards used in Mexico. The operating room is equipped with an emergency power plant in case of an emergency that guarantees continuous electrical supply, in case of an uncommon blackout. The hospital has a wide variety of diagnostic equipment that is found in large hospitals in the states, such as a MRI, Helicoidal CT Scan, Doppler Sonogram, etc. This hospital would qualify as a level II trauma center.

This hospital has the top intensive care unit in this region with a staff of doctors and nurses that specialize in any trauma or emergency to support our patients in any case needed. You can feel safe in knowing that the staff of this facility is more than capable in handling your needs as a patient. The hospital includes 35 private rooms for patients and a guest. Each room has telephone, TV, cable (with English speaking channels) and place for your guest to sleep. There are 4 suites available that also have a sofa and recliner. The nursing staff is very professional and well trained for your care. There are 3 shifts (as opposed to the states - 2 shifts). We feel that it is important that our entire team is fresh and alert to keep a 24-hour monitoring protocol.

This hospital is a wonderful place for our patients to ensure a safe and calm atmosphere and an excellent outcome during your recovery period. If this is a surgery that you are considering for yourself or family member feel free to contact us any time. This is an option that will ensure you the best care from an excellent team of surgeons, nurses and top-notch OR technology. We will be happy to have one of our coordinators assist you with more information and pricing.
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