Single Port Access Surgery (SPA)
" Making minimally invasive surgery even LESS invasive!"
Single Port Access Surgery (SPA)    

Single port access surgery is one of the latest “modifications” in the constantly evolving laparoscopic surgery; its goal is to make minimally invasive surgery even less invasive and therefore leading to an even faster recovery with the best esthetical compared to standard laparoscopy.
Single port access surgery is just one of the many different names this technique has received since it was first done in May 2007 by Dr. Paul Curcillo. Other names or synonyms are:

• Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)
• Reduced Port Surgery
• Bell Button Surgery
• Laparo-endoscopic Single Site (LESS)
• “NO-SCAR” Surgery
• Etc.

All of the previous mean exactly the same, the names explain by themselves, it is a laparoscopic surgery done through only one incision in the abdomen, instead of the usual 3, 5 or more small incisions done in standard laparoscopic surgery. This half-inch single incision is made in the umbilicus or belly button in order to hide the scar.

The principles of the surgery to be done are exactly the same, only that special and more complex/advanced laparoscopic instruments are required. What makes possible this kind of approach is that the instruments are articulated on their tips therefore allowing their triangulation even after they are introduced in the same point of entry.

Even though single incision surgery is promising and growing in popularity, is important for you to know that it is not for everyone and not for every procedure; since it is more technically challenging than standard laparoscopy, some basic criteria have to be met in order for you to be a good candidate for this approach.
If you are interested in having your procedure done through this approach please click here and we’ll gladly let you know if you are a good candidate.

Potential advantages for the patient:

• Less post-op pain: fewer painful abdominal sticks
• Quicker recovery: less pain and fewer incisions
• Better cosmetic results: scar is hidden in the umbilicus

If you want to learn more about this procedure and some of the great manufacturers of this innovating instruments please visit:

Advanced Surgical Concepts (ASC)

If FAQ’S and Specific FAQ’S have not answered yet all your questions or concerns please click here.

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